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…there in the corners a light still blinking. A signal weak, but with their electronic eyes they could perceive the fading orange of energy source almost at its end. There was a container - or more like a capsule - the size of which two of Mumblypeg and one of Bindlestiff could fit in. Perhaps one of their kind had been forgotten as it had been left to charge. They were not sure and sent a signal that any Bot or Android from within the thousand years of their make should be able to receive and answer not matter their being in stasis.

No answer came, so they moved closer. Mumblypeg hovered above and Bindlestiff bent and looked down. There was a small pane of double thick security glass, but nothing was to be seen from centuries of artificial permafrost.

Mumblypeg sent out a commshot to all of the governing worlds for instruction. His array was still intact after all those centuries. Bindlestiff, unfortunately, had lost his ability in long distance communication after a shock from a hyperbattery that had been carelessly left in the rubbish as the last Terrans had left their planet in a necessary rush.

They waited long for an answer. Most were not interested in this soon to be destroyed planet. Only a few cared to preserve those few things of their heritage. They waited and waited, the blinking light hypnotic. Each flash a loss of millilux. That capsule only had a short time left.

They waited and waited, in standby they conserved their energy, until the message came…

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After that squeak and electronic explosion of the dust of millennia being blown back into the air, Mumblypeg just followed his program and kindly interjected, “Bless you and Gesundheit!” Bindlestiff’s


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