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After that squeak and electronic explosion of the dust of millennia being blown back into the air, Mumblypeg just followed his program and kindly interjected, “Bless you and Gesundheit!”

Bindlestiff’s circuitry took a few milliseconds to adjust, and then his auditory wires processed those sound waves and returned with a polite thank you! Though his proper protocol was not completely up to snuff, they had forgotten to cover their artificial nose and mouth as their creators would have desired. That reminder came later as the whole system was finally up and running.

Both shook suddenly as their mission statement reactivated. They were there to tidy up a whole long-lived civilization. They looked around to see that most of the toil had been done, their warmed up coils could not detect one more thing that needed to be done.

However, their sensors perceived a slight ping emanating from a corner still holding stretched cobwebs powdered gray.

Again ping and a slight, faint hum. Bindlestiff moved on creaky uncoiled legs, while Mumblypeg flew in an uncertain hover. They made it to that corner as the next ping pinged loud!

Their ocular sensors were surprised to see…

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